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Fic: Hello Night - Story masterpost

Title: Hello Night
Author: almaasi
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU. Porn, romance, a smidgen of angst, fluff.
Word Count: 11,200 words

Summary: Demon!Dean/Priest!Cas AU. Castiel summons Dean to the crossroads, and he only wants one thing: him.

Notes: Top!Dean.
I'm not one for writing antiquated speech, so while this is meant to be set in the Victorian era, it could potentially be set in any period of history you like.
This fic is based on a scene in another (far longer) fic I'm currently writing, and my buddy Ash insisted that I write a real fic for it, since the other scene was not in-depth. Apparently she was kidding about that, but hey, a fic happened.
Title from a musical piece by Zoe Keating.


graphic: hello night by almaasi

part 1 | part 2